Why Wind

Economic Benefits

Tax revenue for Cherokee County: The Center for Economic Development at Jacksonville State University has projected that Shinbone Wind will bring in more than $300,000 in new tax revenue to the County every year for 30 years. Over that time, Shinbone Wind would contribute over $8.7 million in new tax revenues to the County. Altogether, the project will represent over $31 million of new investment in the area.

Job creation: Shinbone Wind will create new local jobs in Cherokee County during the development and construction of the project. When construction is completed, there will be additional long term job opportunities related to the continuing operation of the wind farm.

No Changes in Power prices: Because wind is a free fuel source and wind is highly predictable over many years, the power generated by Shinbone Wind will be known and stable. One reason wind energy is attractive is that it guards against unpredictable energy price increases in the future. The project will generate the equivalent of the electricity used by 2/3 of Cherokee County homes combined.

Environmental Benefits

No air pollution: No air pollution means cleaner air for everyone.

Saving water: It takes huge amounts of

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water to generate electricity using fossil fuels and nuclear energy. By contrast, Shinbone Wind will require practically no water to operate.

Minimal impact: Pioneer Green has been working with environmental experts and the wildlife authorities in the region to ensure minimal environmental impact on wildlife.

Wind Makes Sense for Alabama

Plentiful wind resource: The wind resources that exist in Alabama could provide a substantial portion of the State’s total electricity needs, according to studies by the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Wind Energy in America

America is counting on wind: In the last 5 years, 35% of new U.S. electrical generating capacity came from wind energy facilities.1

Affordable power: In wind-rich regions of the county, electricity generated by wind is significantly cheaper than new coal or nuclear energy. And even in less windy areas, wind-generated electricity is still competitively priced.2

Existing U.S. wind generation: According to the American Wind Energy Association, it would take 210 million barrels of oil, or a 6,000-mile long coal train, to produce as much electricity as the nation’s existing wind turbines recently generated in one year alone.2

1Energy Information Administration,www.eia.gov, 2007 – 2010

2American Wind Energy Association. Washington, DC: AWEA, 2012.